Blackout - suddenly it get's dark!


BLACK OUT! The team of specialists at Sapotec GmbH supports you in all areas of security power supply preparation.

A blackout is the sudden, nationwide and longer lasting power failure of large power grids. [Wikipedia] This is exactly the problem that the Sapotec team addresses and thinks one step ahead together with its customers and partners. To this end, all areas of infrastructure and economy are advised in the best possible way and prepared for possible risks and scenarios.

Power outages, such as those recently experienced in Venezuela or the USA, are "far away" for most companies. How vulnerable the Austrian/European supply structure is already today, the power failure in Berlin-Köpenick in February as well as innumerable, smaller surface failures in Austrian cities shows. If one studies the councellor of the Austrian civil defense federation or takes the references of the Chamber of Commerce Vienna to heart, then one is well advised to deal with the topic Black Out.

A blackout is not only a major power failure, but leads to serious and far-reaching domino effects in all areas of life. As an Austrian study has examined, a damage of several billion euro, at least however 1 billion euro, must already be counted with an Austria-wide power failure of 24 hours.
[Quote of the Austrian civil defense federation - Black Out councellor]

Several years ago, the two managing directors of Sapotec GmbH, Herbert and Alexander Sautner, together with their team, already started to define long-term supply concepts for various business areas. Mobile application concepts from passenger cars, trucks to helicopters have been established as well as complete stationary supply solutions by means of a UPS system and an emergency power generator with a large supply tank behind it. To this end, blackout scenarios of 24-120 hours depending on customer and application have been implemented in recent years.

Mobile direct voltage supply for Austrian power supply companies

By the end of 2016, Sapotec GmbH had already delivered the first multifunctional multi-voltage system for a well-known Austrian power supply company.
In cooperation with the customer, a mobile DC voltage system was developed which can be transported to the site of operation by car trailer or helicopter. Crane lugs and forklift lugs allow the system to be transported to the place of destination if a long-term use is planned.

The lightweight construction, which was designed by means of 3D construction to optimize weight, accommodates the voltage levels 24/48/110/220VDC including the necessary battery storage for a long-term supply. In the latest generation of the mobile version a 230VAC voltage level was added to the system.
In addition to the power components, sufficient communication elements were of course also installed in order to keep an eye on the system parameters 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. By means of a GSM modem, a remote connection is established and by means of a wireless router and firewall, a "stationary" integration into the customer network is possible.
The customer is automatically informed about the status of the system via SMS or e-mail and can connect to the system around the clock by means of monitoring software in order to make any necessary configuration adjustments.


Vienna Chamber of Commerce: Only when the power fails do we realize how often we need it. Find out more and make your company safe from blackout.


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