We are a BGF certified company

One for all, all for one!


We are very pleased that we have received
the seal of approval for workplace health promotion,
because our well-being Employees are very important to us!


Any company who wants to be successful in the long term needs motivated, healthy employees.

BGF starts exactly there. Workplace health promotion is a modern corporate strategy with the aim of preventing
illnesses in the workplace, strengthening health and improving the well-being of employees.

Our organization is particularly characterized by motivated employees. Their know-how and their friendly tone to each other
and also to the outside world, are important foundations of our company philosophy.
We support and encourage all of these Qualities and ensure that they have the appropriate skills and abilities for their jobs need.

To protect our employees, we strive to systematically increase knowledge and awareness with regard to health
and safety at work to develop further. We undertake to continuously improve our processes and services in order to avoid injuries and illnesses.



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